By outsourcing Architectural/Engineering documents architects/engineers can:

  • Minimize expensive overhead and capital expenditures.
  • Minimize drafting time.
  • Reduce project delivery time.
  • Get access to highly skilled professionals at reasonably low prices.

Outsourcing your Architectural/Engineering design and construction documents will allow you to focus on higher profit margin tasks, such as design and business creation rather than being tied up with low margin, repetitive work. Outsourcing to Nepal in Architecture/Engineering is successfully being implemented from countries like USA, Germany, Holland and Japan. At present between 50 to 60% of US Architectural/Engineering firms outsource some or all of their design presentation, construction documents and specification work.

Why outsource now?

This is our philosophy around outsourcing during a “recession”.

It has now definitely been defined as a "Global Recession" and it seems most countries have started pulling in their borders, thinking to keep job losses to a minimum. In our opinion this may not be the best policy. In the A/E professions, when you start layoffs the work force disappears, either they move to areas that still have some employment, complicating the situation there, or they leave the profession for other types of work, usually not returning to their chosen vocation. In both cases you lose the work force and as the economy improves, and we will, employers are left not able to find competent help.

The traditional solution, in the Architectural/Engineering field, as in other markets, is layoffs, since firms can't usually reduce their mostly fixed overhead. The biggest impact on the “bottom line” is to make people redundant.

There is another solution to affect the bottom line, by outsourcing. With the savings from outsourcing, a company can retrain a portion of its workforce, retraining them to interact with the outsourcing company, thereby keeping valuable skilled employees and having them when the economy turns around.

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